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Listing of all Mouse Pilot Episodes can be found here

Concept and Direction by Active Media
Animation by RossTesoriero at Monster Cartoons

Check out this Flash based animation series involving the personification of Active Media's logo, playing the central character known as Mouse Pilot.

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- powered by Trend Micro


 - Phoenix is a redesign of Mozilla as a browser only component.


 - Mozilla is an open-source web browser and toolkit, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability.


 - Tiny Windows and JavaScript compatible non-Java browser.


 - The first graphical browser. Uses open source code.

Live News Feeds


 - Also an authoring tool used by the W3C.


 - Runs on PC with 386SX chip or better. Great for older hardware.


 - Graphical browser for DOS and Linux/SVGAlib platforms.


 - Written in Java. Compatible with any Java compiling environment.

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