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Joint Projects     
BSI - Business Strategies International

Active Media redeveloped the core architecture of this site in readiness for a full site upgrade. The primary goal was to create multi-platform compliant Template and adapt the site to existing standards of CSS and JavaScript in preparation for extensive modifications. Active Media was later involved in the initial development of the new site using an outsourced layout designed by a third party.

Salican Web Site

Daniel Saw from Active Media designed and developed this site for Iosync. This is a fine example of an elegant static site, featuring comprehensive information and many relevant external links. This site also features a MoreOver news feed and link to the current local weather. After the effects of 2001, the site administration was handed over to Active Media.

Organisatie & Management (Dutch Language)
Organisatie and Management

On behalf of Muse Media and in conjunction with Net Aus, Active Media developed this important Dutch educational textbook supplement. Active Media was specifically responsible for content integration and development. Involving chapters 2 through to 11 (Hoofdstuk), Registration Forms (Registratie), content for the Login facilities and numerous other areas of the site which are now available. The site is maintained by a Dutch developer.

ATA Australia Web Site
ATA Australia A static site which features comprehensive information about ATA products and their extensive R&D achievements. Daniel Saw from Active Media designed and developed this site for Iosync.

Electric Systems PDF's
Specification Sheets for Electric Systems

Electric Systems offer a wide range of Transformer Accessories. Active Media was responsible for the quality scanning of their entire catalogue of product specification sheets. Then cleaning, cropping and converting these detailed documents to a PDF format for their distribution on the original EleSys web site by SCS Media and Iosync. Later, the site administration was transferred to Active Media.

PowerQwest Web Site
No Longer Hosted

Active Media was contracted to design the layout of this site for Iosync, and was closely involved in it's development. This is an example of how integrating a simple spreadsheet can allow users to find their local stockist dynamically. The site also features comprehensive product information.

Iosync Web Articles
No Longer Hosted

Active Media was contracted to write various articles and elements of the Iosync web site by Iosync itself. This included the promotional briefs for two of their compiled products, QuoteBuilder and SiteOffice. Other significant efforts included the Faq, EDI, Broadband and Student Resources articles.

Upsonic Web Site Conversion
Involved in Conversion of Static to Dynamic

Upsonic provides a range of advanced UPS and power protection systems. Active Media was involved in Iosync's conversion of their static html web site to a dynamic asp site driven by a customised product database. Specifically the conversion of static information into fields and tables which could be dynamically used. We also were responsible for the updates and corrections which preceded this process.

World Farming News Web Consultancy
No longer Hosted

Navigating the many changes from beginnings as a small contact site of a burgeoning national magazine to the role of producing supplement content to a globally distributed advertorial publication has become the domain of web developer "Wayne". Active Media was regularly called upon for consultancy and assistance in WFN's successful response to these demanding challenges.

Syntec International Web Site

Syntec supplies quality Studio and Retail audio equipment, from leading manufacturers world-wide , to customers in Australia and New Zealand. Active Media is proud of our update to Syntec's previous site. Allowing a more stylish and more easily navigated framework, which Iosync has integrated with a scalable database.

CD-ROM Prototype
Active WorkTeam CreditsResponsibility for the completion of a CD-ROM Prototype for the NSW Waterways Authority, based on their Safe Boating Handbook. Active Media owner, Daniel Saw, was project leader of this graduate project involving Multimedia students of Crows Nest TAFE NSW in 1997.

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