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Design Proposal     

Our Design Proposals are compiled based on discussions between yourself and Active Media. This ensures that you know what is to be developed before any commitment to proceed.

They can be used as a requirements brief for collecting quotes from competing development firms or as a development agreement for web site development commencement.

The Design Proposal contains the following customised content:

  • Navigational Flow Chart - showing pages and their hierachy.
  • Screen Design Template - giving an example of how the proposed navigation would look within a screen layout based on your product, logo, corporate colours and branding themes.
  • Page Content - descriptions of each page's proposed content and relationship to other pages and overall navigation.
  • Asset Requirements: detailed listing of assets needed for development to commence. New and existing product photo's, copy (text) available and required, incorporation of existing corporate materials descriptors of other assets needed to fulfill proposed development.
  • Development Costs: breakdown of costs. Asset creation costs, labour costing, cost total and deposit requirements.
  • Timeline: summary of time estimates, given asset/copy delivery and hosting acquisition. Materials for Delivery: those materials to be supplied by yourself for development to be completed.
  • Asset Purchases: listing of materials to be purchased. Such as stock photographing, product shoot, content writing, out-sourcing (if any).

From AUD$150.00

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