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Screen Savers     

Using 3rd Party Software we are able to develop WindowsTM compatible screen savers for download from your site.

We can animate your logo, display your products or create a theme to keep your service in your users thoughts.

These screen savers can be made as "downtime" presentations, used within your business to remind employees (and customers) of the many extra services/products that you provide.

Active Media StarfieldHere is a simple screensaver example:

Installation notes for WindowsTM compatible screensavers:

  1. Just save the download ".exe" file to a space on your harddrive. Then run the self-extracting installation program.
  2. Or save the ".scr" file below to your "\Windows\System\" directory.
  3. Then choose "ActiveMedia_Starfield" from within the "Screen Saver" tab of your "Display Properties" configuration window.

From as little as $100.00

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