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AMCP - Active Media Community Project     

Annual Development Sponsorship

AMCP2003 to Now - The year 2003 saw the end of our Active Media Community Project as a sponsorship program. As the majority of organisations and projects have now negotiated a successful transition in the adoption of online technologies and presence, we have decided to provide a more general approach in terms of support. We no longer choose a single project for a yearly focus. Our services are still available to community and non-profit institutions wishing to improve their online representations.

AMCP2002 - During the year we helped various organisations make the most of their existing online resources and encouraged the adoption of more up to date content generation. This year's AMCP was spent helping ensuring internal methodologies reflected their online potential. Some time was also spent in providing training.

AMCP2001 - In 2001 Active Media sponsored the creation of the Yatama Ngurra Youth Hostel Incorporated web site. This registered Association is situated in north-western NSW and seeks to improve employment opportunities and the self-esteem of local aboriginal youth in the Brewarrina region. The site was used as a support material, over the course of one year, to successfully gain recognition and extra funding and was then dismantled in 2002.

AMCP2000 - From 1998 through 2000 Active Media helped the Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) find their feet online. During these three years, Active Media provided web hosting, site updates and knowledge/training while, ASRA searched for Institute sponsorship. They finally decided to go it alone and are now hosted on VicNet at

AMCP1999 - In 1999 we took on the request of the Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) to develop their first web site initially started in 1998. This site was originally to be launched, hosted and maintained by the National Film & Sound Archive (NFSA) in Canberra. Due to departmental changes they were unable to fulfill their obligations and Active Media stepped in.

AMCP1998 - In 1998 a series of "Essays for Taking Business On-line" was published as an extension of answering individual client queries. The section was expanded to encourage requests from the general public via the inclusion of an anonymous form. Popular and/or interesting questions were posted in essay form to the site quarterly. Project closed in 2002 and is no longer hosted.

AMCP1997 - In late 1997 we published "Multimedia in Australia Demystified" as part of our first foray into the online world. As part of our belief in accessibility, we created a totally cross-browser compliant site. We concentrated on creating a useful resource where answers could be found, as opposed to a bandwidth eating site. Thus it was essentially text and images, and not a showcase of Multimedia trends. This project was completed in 2001 and is no longer hosted.


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