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Owner/Manager: Daniel Saw - "Creating Affordable Options for Small Business"

Our Policies     
  Complete Solutions

At Active Media we aim to provide small business with a starting point to their on-line needs. We supply and install a variety of products, specially suited to small business. There is no need to deal with more than one contact when planning and building your on-line home. Active Media creates a single point of reference for web site hosting, graphic design and content restructuring; to form the business solution of your requirements.

  Affordable Price

Active Media is a small business catering for the needs of small business. No job is too small, or too particular. Unlike our larger competitors, we are proud to supply smaller solutions at cheaper prices. We have lower overheads, and are not bound by expensive affiliate programs, thus we can provide our services at cheaper prices.

We maintain a network with other small producers, enabling us to access areas of expertise and knowledge outside of our own realm, thus not needing to pass on the expense of employing extra people specifically for your solution. All of this leads to an ability to match, and often beat, our larger competitors.

  Client Empowerment

Unlike most on-line developers, we take the time to empower our clients with knowledge about their options in non-jargon terms. Thus letting your business solutions be determined by what you need, instead of forcing you into a business solution designed for just the developers return.

By imparting knowledge, instead of handing down tablets of stone, we are able to help you design an on-line solution that is specific to your needs. We believe that you know your business better than we do, and that you are the key to helping us design the most effective on-line business solution. Unlike large corporate solutions, we have the time and energy for small business.

  Quality and Integrity

Our contractors and network of colleagues are driven by quality not quantity. We consider the integrity of our work to be important. This doesn't limit our flexibility, but expands our desire to solve the most unique business solution problems.

We are committed to ensuring stable and reliable work, which meets deadlines, project goals and budgets. By spending the time to define specific targets within your on-line solution, we can guarantee the integrity of our work to meet your requirements within the outlined time and budget limitations.

  Equal Opportunity

"The only thing necessary for the perpetuation of evil is for good people to do nothing." - Edmund Burke.

We first came across this quote while viewing the documentary called "Blue-Eyed", which features the work of Jane Elliott. It sums up most succinctly the duty we have as individuals, and as employers, to take an active part in the removal of, and open challenge of, common practices which perpetuate racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, and other abuses.

Subsequently Daniel Saw, the manager and owner of Active Media, attended the Jane Elliott lecture tour of Australia (1998) titled "The Anatomy of Prejudice". From this and other activities, Active Media attempts to promote the existence of diversity and it's innate importance to the survival of humanity.

It remains our firm belief that equal opportunity is the right of all human beings. It is the product of conscience involvement in the provision of safe and unbiased practices and requires the vigilance of management to survive and grow. We believe that equality is not just a policy, but a way of life.

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