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Project Profiler     

Active Media Project Profiler (AMPP)

This document is a step-by-step process for your company or organisation to evaluate and collate your overall Internet strategy.

The results of this study enables you to:

  • Declare on your company's background and goals
  • Define your business rules and logic
  • Assemble audience and user demographics
  • Maximise your existing content and information resources
  • Integrate with your existing I.T. and information systems
  • Create an appealing design concept for your project

This document will assist Active Media to:

  • Understand what aspects of the web you find appealing.
  • Discover what user interface designs you prefer.
  • Focus on the style of graphics you consider most appropriate.
  • Draw detailed design concepts together more accurately.
  • Develop a more complete Design Proposal (at your request).
  • Construct a web site which will conform to your expectations.

NB. You need only respond to areas that are applicable to your project, leaving the others blank. Make sure to write down questions raised and attach notes covering issues not addressed by the Project Profiler.

AMPP Download

ampp.pdf (155k)

To Download the Active Media Project Profiler, click on the PDF icon to the above. The document will open within Acrobat Reader within a new browser window. You can either save or print the document once it has been loaded into the browser.

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