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Freelance Mouse Pilot and Web Dev. Services
Owner/Manager: Daniel Saw - "Creating Affordable Options for Small Business"

Development Pricing     
(ex. GST)
(GST Inclusive)
Static Site Development
$45.00 / hr
$4.50 / hr
$49.50 / hr
Graphics, Design, JS-scripts, HTML, Copy Writing, Animation, Flash, Templates & Navigation
Client-side Scripting (JS-based): Shopping Carts, Dynamic Data, etc. Check Out 1M1 Records
ASP Site Development
$90.00 / hr
$9.00 / hr
$99.00 / hr
Server-side Scripting, Database/Spreadsheet Integration, Shopping Systems, Chatrooms, etc
3rd Party e-Commerce
$300.00 / hr
$30.00 / hr
$330.00 / hr
Payment Gateways, Comm Obj's, Application Integration, B2B EDI, Database reDesign, etc
3rd Party Design & Dev.
$250.00 / hr
$25.00 / hr
$275.00 / hr
Broadcast Streaming, Graphic Design Studios, Specialist Technology Intergration, etc

Prices as at 1st March, 2004


  • Description and price estimates of all work are provided before commencement.
  • Free quotes to existing clients.
  • Other quotes charged at "Static Site" rate above.
  • All work invoiced at the end of each development phase.
  • Deposit of 50% on all projects over $1000.00
  • Invoicing terms of 14 days net. (excludes hosting: 7days net)

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